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Internal Medicine
Experience : 7 Years
United States
Answered: 4299
Experience : 15 Years
United States
Answered: 2385
Emergency Medicine Doctor
Experience : 17 Years
United States
Answered: 2137
General Practice Doctor
Experience : 2 Years
United States
Answered: 2317
Experience : 22 Years
Answered: 2862
General Practice Doctor
Experience : 12 Years
United States
Answered: 3515
Emergency Medicine Doctor
Experience : 13 Years
United States
Answered: 953
Experience : 12 Years
United States
Answered: 1260
Pharmacist (Clinical)
Experience : 4 Years
United States
Answered: 1358
Psychiatrist (Adult)
Experience : 11 Years
United States
Answered: 1862
Psychiatrist (Pediatric)
Experience : 37 Years
United States
Answered: 785
Experience : 27 Years
United Arab Emirates
Answered: 1252
Alternative Medicine Doctor
Experience : 3 Years
United States
Answered: 1225
Experience : 15 Years
United States
Answered: 2276
Experience : 13 Years
Answered: 874
General Practice Doctor
Experience : 1 Year
United States
Answered: 1026
Experience : 5 Years
Answered: 1296
General Practice Doctor
Experience : 3 Years
United States
Answered: 925
Experience : 20 Years
Answered: 484
Clinical Sexologist
Experience : 7 Years
United States
Answered: 2
Internal Medicine
Experience : 3 Years
Answered: 1809

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Will cefprofozil affect my nuvaring effectiveness??? I am on the antibiotic and my husband and I did not use another BC method. I am wondering if I should consider Plan. B
Gastroenterology Problem; For one month I have experienced a change in bowel motion and have experienced Abdominal Colic with gas and changes between Diarrhea and Constipation. Al...
I've had diarrhea most of the afternoon and night with app. 37.6 fever. I think I went to the bathroom over 20 times. Today I feel better, the fever dropped to 36.8 and sometimes ...
I had my prostate examined today and the Urologist feels no prostatitis. My urine is clean, but they did send it out for a culture. I have been having chills without fever for wee...
My wife was diagnosed with lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia by way of a ct scan. She has sjogren's. Please explain the illness and how is it treated.

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Finding the perfect doctor to meet the needs of our family was a challenge until I found Just Health Experts. I was able to match the perfect physician with each one of my family members health care needs. I Would recommend this useful tool to anyone who is seeking a physician.

Bill Anderson, Denver, Colorado


User friendly and very helpful. Just health experts assisted in matching me up with the specialist I needed for my kidney issues. I was having a really hard time locating a recommended Nephrologist in my area. Just Health Experts saved me alot of time and money. User friendly and very helpful. Just health experts assisted in matching me up with the specialist I needed for my kidney issues. I was having a really hard time locating a recommended Nephrologist in my area. Just Health Experts saved me alot of time and money.

Jennifer Chick, New York, USA

I tried every diet in the book and failed over and over. Finally, I decided to take the advice of a dietitian at Just Health Experts who guided me with a customized dieting strategy that has worked extremely well for me. Thank you Just Health Experts!

Mike Johnson, California, USA

I had a headache and went to the Just Healt Experts website and a doctor recommended for me an over-the-counter medicine. The consultation not only worked for my persistent headache, but was also convenient, private, and affordable.

Jenna Jones, London, UK

I feel really good about vising Just Health Experts. I had several questions that needed immediate answers, but I couldn't schedule a doctors visit for a few weeks. I think they are all fantastic, really great. They are very concerned, and they make you feel like you came to the right place for advise.

Nancy Chisholm, Indianapolis, Indiana

I have recommended friends to consult with Dr. Brasington before proceeding with plastic surgery.
I would recommend anyone who is contemplating surgery, or not sure because of fear, to ask Dr. Brasington. I'm sure they will have a similar experience to mine.

Deanne Wilson, Austin, Texas

I had a health question for which I needed to get an answer fast. I found Dr. Kathleen Cullen through this website. I was amazed at how easy it was to get an answer to my question. She was friendly and provided the information in a way that was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cullen to not only my family and friends, but also anybody who has a health question

Ralph Oderberg, Albany, New York

I loved my experience asking Dr. Morse a question. I was pretty much terrified that I might be pregnant because I was late with my period. But Dr. Morse assured me that the possibility was remote, and then guided me on the next steps. He put my mind at ease during a stressful time. What great knowledge and insight.

Terri M, Miami, Florida

I was prescribed a drug for my high blood pressure called captopril by my regular doctor. Unfortunately, he nor I knew that I was pregnant. I found out from a friend that this drug is not supposed to be taken during pregnancy because of the potential harm it can have on the child. I raised this issue to Dr. Morse who quickly reassured me and guided me on what I should do next. Just having access to a doctor without having to leave my home was a real comfort. I really appreciate Dr. Morse's advise.

Shakilla Gary, Wilmington, Delaware

I tried many different diets but could not lose weight. Finally, I asked Christelle for a unique approach to losing weight. After only 2 months of trying her suggested diet and exercise program, I have lost over 15 pounds and still counting.

Martin Jones, Texas, United States


Dr. Morse helped me with an embarrassing problem that I was uncomfortable discussing with my regular gynecologist. He was very thorough in his explanations and reassured me that what I was describing was really quite common and easily dealt with.

Rose Kreutzer, Seattle, Washington

This website is a great resource for providing valuable information. The information is organized and to the point, and is a valuable tool in aiding healthcare professionals improve the health and lives of patients around the world.

Abdul Karim-Khan, PharmD

Just Health Experts is a great organization that has allowed me to continue to serve patients even after retiring from my practice as a family practitioner in San Francisco, California. The team at Just Health Experts are extremely professional.

Steve Anderson, MD